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  • Brand: FESTOOL
  • Model: FES61686
  • Weight: 2.13kg
  • Dimensions: 100.50cm x 25.00cm x 3.80cm
  • SKU: FES61686
  • UPC: 4014549170342
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FESTOOL WPS Shelf components - Cover plate - unperforated (for shop-in-shop) - Grey


WPS Folder

FESTOOL makes use of a tried and tested system to ensure the FESTOOL products are presented neat and correct.

It is recommended to discuss the display system more in detail with a FESTOOL representative.

FESTOOL WPS recommended checklist

  • Ensure that the shelves are skilfully placed in a well-lit position in the room where the presentation will be seen by the highest possible number of potential customers:
    • Near the tills, for example
    • Ideally, make sure it is visible from the entrance
  • Use the full height of the room:
    • Install the WPS with standpipe guide extension against the wall
  • If required, position additional low free-standing shelving units in front of it to maintain a clear view of the wall shelf
  • Logical organisation:
    • Arrange goods according to subjects/applications
    • Ideally one subject per wall section
  • Visual organisation:
    • Maintain equal heights when positioning tools as well as suspended goods and packaged boxes
    • Less is more -> fewer goods allow for clearer presentation
  • If required, place large products, such as extractors, large boxes and SYSTAINERS at the bottom of the shelf
  • Place suspended goods on the uppermost third of the shelf
  • Place tools at handling/working height
  • Place packaged boxes on the suspended shelf
  • Put up product information (product information cards, potentially matching magnetic signs)

Product No: 61686
Dimensions 1000 x 225 mm
Quantity in pack 1
Installation and safety information Space can be used to install the magnetic TOP signs (e.g. sanding, sawing, etc.). Required when using shelf extensions. Also required when installing 1350 mm gondola shelves.


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