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  • Brand: ROCKLER
  • Model: ROC48937
  • Weight: 0.92kg
  • Dimensions: 164.00cm x 288.00cm x 84.00cm
  • SKU: ROC48937
  • UPC: 733175489379
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Rockler - Bench Dog 3-Piece Safety Kit

Maximize comfort and control when feeding material through your table saw, jointer or router table with this 3-piece Safety Kit. The Feather-Loc featherboard keeps stock tight against your fence, helping to prevent kickback, while the Magnetic Push Stick aids in keeping your hands and fingers away from the blade, then stores easily using the built-in magnet. The Ultra Push-Bloc provides excellent grip and control along the middle of a board.

  • 1 x Feather-Loc Featherboard
  • 1 x Magnetic Push Stick
  • 1 x Ultra Push-Bloc
Feather-Loc Featherboard Features:
  • Keeps stock tight against the rip fence
  • Attach to your fence to keep the workpiece from lifting
  • Attaches to T-slots or to a standard 3/8'' x 3/4'' miter slot with the included Miter Slot Adapter
  • Ergonomic T-knobs for easy, comfortable adjustments
  • Heel-end can also be used as a stop
  • Built-in setup feather makes setting the tension fast, easy and repeatable
  • Rounded feather tips won't mar your workpiece
Magnetic Push Stick Features:
  • Ergonomic handle with lightweight plastic blade
  • Inset magnet allows for storage on the side of your tablesaw
  • Angled tip easily accommodates various thicknesses of wood
Ultra Push-Bloc Features:
  • Large, comfortable handle for a sure grip
  • Non-marring rubber bottom uses the same high-friction rubber surface found on our Bench Cookie™ Work Grippers
  • Provides maximum control while routing, jointing, and ripping
Description Specifications
Weight 2.0500
Type Safety Kit
Tech Spec
  • Material: Polymer/composite
  • Push Stick Length: 12''
  • Featherboard Reach (from edge of track): Approximately 6-1/4''
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