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MATCHFIT Setup Gauge
MATCHFIT Setup Gauge - making things easy!

MATCHFIT Setup Gauge delivers even fast setup and additional accuracy for cutting dados in minutes with MATCHFIT Dado Stop. Its pinpoint accuracy delivers air-tight box joints, precision inlays, and dead-on dado cuts.

Set the precise blade kerf with your own personal template that exactly matches your table saw kerf. Setup Gauge also allows you to square your inlay material and set the exact width of the dado cut.

No need for multiple test cuts, no cumbersome measuring, and no tricky setups - just perfectly fitted dados to make your project stand out. Easily record dado settings for future reference.

MATCHFIT Setup Gauge is also the perfect setup tool for your Dovetail Clamps.

Pre-built templates let you quickly set the saw blade height for grooving clearance slots and a convenient router bit template let's you set the exact 3/8' depth for Dovetail Clamp grooves.


For use with the MATCHFIT Dado Stop or Dovetail Clamps. Sold separately.


What’s in the box?
  • (1) MATCHFIT Setup Gauge
  • (1) Illustrated Instruction

Made in the USA.

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MATCHFIT Setup Gauge

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