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MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamps (2-Pack)

Rout a dovetail groove and clamp like never before.

MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamps for wood dovetail tracks and grooves. Now features a rubberized soft-grip handle to give you better hold when clamping your projects. New look, better grip!

  •  The freedom to create your own clamp tracks to clamp virtually anywhere
  • Universally compatible any with 1/2' 14-Degree Dovetail Router Bits
  • Build tall, stable fences and infeed tables for your table saw
  • Rout a dovetail on your workbench to make an instant end vice
  • Make the 2-in-1 Straight Edge Guide to square ends of boards quickly

What it is

Simple and easy to use, the MATCHFIT Dado Stop sets the shoulders of your cross

MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamp is a versatile approach to achieving clamping pressure in hard to reach places or set-ups which allow for building straight-line rip guides, taper jigs, fence extensions, custom track systems, and imaginative new ways affix jigs in the shop. Eliminate the need for expensive and time-consuming T-Tracks.

By routing a dovetail groove using any 1/2” X 14-Degree Dovetail Router Bit, you can create your own dovetail channels virtually anywhere you need clamping pressure. The clamp head is contained within the track and does not interfere with the operation. In fact, it opens possibilities for extending the capabilities of workspaces because the MATCHFIT is not bounded by the edge. There's no limit to what you can do with the MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamps! Unleash your potential and get your set today.

Includes 2 clamps. Compatible with any 1/2' x 14-degree dovetail router bit.

What Do You Need To Get Started:

  • (1) Woodworking Router - Power Tool
  • (1) 14-Degree by 1/2' Dovetail Router Bit
  • Any Flat Surface You Can Route a Dovetail Groove and Need a Hold-Down (works with plywood, MDF, solid wood, melamine, and any virtually any flat surface)

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MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamps (2-Pack)

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