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  • Brand: HALO
  • Model: HALO PORT12V-2,5
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  • Dimensions: 310.00cm x 220.00cm x 45.00cm
  • SKU: HALO PORT12V-2,5
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Halo - 2.5M Portable Reel

Length:  2.5 metres

Voltage:  12 VDC

Halo Portable

The HALO PORTABLE is a ground-breaking innovation by HALO in portable lighting and another world first by HALO. It is the most versatile and powerful portable lighting solution in the world and is available in multiple voltage ranges including 220VAC, 110VAC & even 12VDC with connectors for vehicle or battery connection. Whatever your need; camping, events, construction, residential, marine or military, HALO PORTABLE is the best solution.

HALO PORTABLE integrates the patented HALO LED STRIP designed for underground mines and is built to last! It is flame retardant & 100% waterproof & incorporates cutting edge technology that provides an ultra-high lumen output lighting system that can manage up to a decade or more of operation.


Supplied in 2.5M, 5M and 10M reels in waterproof carry bags, the HALO PORTABLE is also equipped with extension adaptors which allows the connection together of multiple reels for long distance applications in a simple “plug and play” manner without the need for any electrical connections whatsoever.

For added safety, the HALO PORTABLE lighting systems are all fitted with the HALO ”fail safe protection” device, which will ensure immediate isolation of the electricity feed should the integrity of the LED strip lighting be compromised, this will ensure complete safety for all users of HALO always!


  • Versatile and poweful portable lighting solution
  • Flame retardent at 100%
  • Waterproof
  • Ultry high lumen output ligting system that can manage up to a dedcade or more of operation
  • Allows connection together for long distance application (Plug & Play)
  • Fail safe protection
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Halo lighting solutions

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